Social Media Management

Companies run lean these days. Businesses are more savy about the use of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others. It is time to address how to include, or beef up, social media in your business marketing plan. Let us help.

Management Services

Social Channels

It’s not just about setting up and posting to your business Facebook Page. Social Media is a package. None of these things should stand alone. Cross-pollination is strategically critical.

  • Website – Your website should have a blog in it which houses your library of content. This is the #1 way to organically rise in the SERPS (On Google!). We strongly advocate WordPress websites. Your website will highlight all your social media channels.
    • At a minimum, daily postings should be made. Relationships are built through instant engagement.
    • Growth can be quickened by running the right kinds of ads and practicing engagement tactics.
    • Facebook custom apps bring in all the other channels you have. For example, people should be able to sign up for your newsletter, get to your Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more right from Facebook.
  • Facebook Business Page – The vast majority of businesses can benefit from a business Facebook Page when it is properly handled.
  • LinkedIn – People in business need to be on LinkedIn, it truly is your virtual resume. Frequent postings to LinkedIn can keep your networking active.
  • Twitter – Twitter is also a channel most companies can benefit from.
    • Many companies rely on Twitter and Facebook to support their customer service efforts.
    • It’s a great source of leads when you follow others strategically.
    • Lists can be used to focus on particular segments. Conferences and events really benefit by promoting #hashtags to create buzz.
  • YouTube – YouTube fits in with most companies as videos require a place to live. The fact that YouTube is owned by Google is also relevant for Search Engine Optimization.
    • YouTube videos can be embedded into your website, posted on Pinterest, uploaded to Twitter, etc.
  • Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat – are visual channels which you might not realize you can use for your type of business. It’s not only for jewelry, fashion, gardening, etc. It is also a great place to house tutorials, recommendations, stories, quotes, photos. People browse Pinterest to learn. Instagram and SnapChat are very real-time and mobile. They have different audiences than the other channels.
    • It is also a fact that there are many more sales on Pinterest than through Facebook so it cannot be ignored if you have an ecommerce website or simply sell a few products.
    • Pinterest now has ‘rich’ pins which we can add to your site to enhance the buying process.
  • There are more channels and they change often enough that I won’t try to list them all here.

The Process

First we look at your business model together.

  • What are your objectives? What strategies do you have in place? Channels you should be on actively are established. Channels that might not be as significant may be claimed so you claim that unique name (much like a website domain name). Social media channels are optimized so you have a presence. Some graphic design is included in the management fee.
  • Once these channels are established we work with you to come up with content. This should be a combination of relevant 3rd party posts and your own original content (blog posts), videos, audio, etc.
  • Once content is available, it is manually posted and/or scheduled to come out to ALL your channels. Over a short period of time your presence is all over the place and people will start to notice!
  • As each channel changes, we adjust and make best use of the new features of that channel to promote your business.
  • At the end of each month you’ll receive a detailed report showing what has been done, how your channels are growing, and suggestions to move forward.
  • Advertising, contests, enewsletters, polls, events… whatever your on-line strategy is, it is often included in our management fee (except for additional out-of-pocket costs).
  • You are also offered the option to learn everything I am doing for you. Many want to try and do some of it in-house or perhaps all of it in house once it’s set up. We understand and value this position. We offer all the training with recordings that you need to accomplish this.

Management Plan Costs

Our management fee is based on what we can achieve for you. When you commit to six months, there is no additional charge for set-up of your channels.

Plans can be paused or stopped with 30 days notice from either side. We don’t lock people into contracts. We want to be as flexible as possible.

It has been shown that businesses spend 6 hours a week on social media. Businesses that have social media established for more than 2 years are spending more than 6 hours a week. This stuff really works.

Give Michelle a call at 508-769-9137 to discuss your particular needs and to get an estimate. You can also visit our Contact page for other ways to reach us.