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Way back in the mid 1980’s I began a business teaching crafts to women in our area. Entrepreneurship and teaching have always been a big part of my life. Another side of me has always been thirsty for knowledge. As an adult, I earned an MBA with a marketing concentration from Assumption College in Worcester, MA. I spent 20 years of in the corporate Marketing Communications world, managing all kinds of marketing communication projects and people.

Now I’m back to my entrepreneurship roots. I feel like I’ve gone out and gathered everything needed to now enjoy making a living doing what I enjoy! Teaching, mentoring, counseling and providing needed services to small businesses or social media teams in large businesses.

A few years ago I was asked to be part of the Social Media Mastery Tour, thus earning the title Social Media Master. Together with a LinkedIn Expert, we developed and taught a 16 week Social Media Course at Worcester State college for 3 years. As often as time allows, I donate time to teach small business groups about Facebook.

Social Media is my specialty and Facebook is my focus. Facebook is complex. It is powerful and serious. Are you keeping up with the latest trends? Let’s connect!


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  1. Hi Heather,
    Thanks for asking the question. If you are logged in as your page, you’ll see the red numbers under your notifications at the top. That shows you where the new likes are. They no longer seem in order in the list on the left side. Hope this helps! Michelle

  2. What funny timing. A few hours after I sent my question, I got an email from FB about some new changes they’re rolling out for pages. It looks like one of the new changes is notification when someone new “likes” your page. That answers my question! 🙂


  3. Hi Michelle!

    Thanks for the great information! I have a question and am wondering if you know the answer… I can tell that new people have liked my page because I can see the number changing over by the “people who like this” box, but is there a way to tell exactly who the new people are?


  4. thank you for the code for the facebook page ‘fan reveal’. Is there any way the content that is first shown to the visitor (before they become a fan) be moved towards the top of the page? Currently, it is towards the bottom of the screen. I’m concerned visitors may not even see the instructions since it after the 1/2 page section.

    can you e-mail me?

    thank you!

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