Social Media for your Business

Since 2011, a main focus for FBSmarty has been helping, teaching and managing social media for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Keeping up with best practices is a full-time job, so, since 2015, this is our ONLY focus!

Tutoring – 1 to 1 or 1 to many!

FBSmarty can advise, teach, guide you. Which social channels should you focus on? How much should you plan to spend on advertising to reach your ideal audience? What can you expect for ROI?

Social Media Management

We create the perfect social media management package for each client. Plans include:

  • Daily Facebook and Twitter postings using client’s content and curated relevant content.
  • In addition, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest posts IF they fit the client’s target audience needs.
  • Training and coaching for client participation is always included.
  • Facebook advertising
  • Monthly top-level reporting