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Should I just use my personal profile for business?

December 16, 2013 @ 6:50 am
posted by Michelle Fontaine

It seems like my Facebook personal profile gets a lot more engagement than my business page. Can’t I just use that for business? 

For most the answer is ‘No’…but…many now use both their personal and their business side to manage their business personas. Here are 10 ways to use your personal profile for business from Social Media Examiner.

Fans are not necessarily your friends. They are different audiences. I know it seems slow and can be frustrating to build a fan base, but remember it is different. When people Like a business Page, they have found you and decide to make a bit of an investment of their time. When someone friends you, it is usually because they know you or you have mutual friends.

I have seen one case where a person in network marketing uses her personal profile almost exclusively. She posts personal experiences and shares other stories related to the product multiple times a day. Her business really is based on personal relationships. She loses out on many benefits her business could utilize, but, in her particular business and her personality, it seems to work for her.

In this post, by Jon Loomer, he outlines the benefits of using a Facebook Business Page instead of a personal profile. You lose out on many key ingredients such as the ability to run ads and promotions, and to access insights (statistics).

If you are under the impression that more of your friends see your posts, in contrast to the number of fans who see your posts, that is not correct. In fact, it is similar to a biz page in that the friends that like or comment with your personal posts are the ones to see your posts. It is still about engagement.

Have you noticed you stop seeing some of your friend’s posts? To see them again, go to their timeline and be sure the ‘show in newsfeed’ is checked. Consider checking the ‘get notifications’ as well. Then re-engage by commenting or liking something. Then you will start seeing their posts again in your stream.



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Michelle Fontaine

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