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Pinterest Strategy – 5 Steps to Create a Testimonial Board

April 23, 2012 @ 1:22 pm
posted by Michelle Fontaine

As of April 2012, Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined! So our blog this week focuses on one Pinterest strategy that you, as a small business, can easily copy.

When I mention Pinterest to my social media students, they’re curious but can’t imagine how they can use it as a business tool. As Jo-Ellen says,  “Oh, yes, it is growing so fast.  And, for business, if there is a use – absolutely. I just wish I understood it. I’ve tried it, but I think I need more than just pictures. Perhaps I’m missing something? I’m trying to see the value in it for my business and for personal use as well.”

So, for Jo-Ellen and many others, I’ll serve up one strategy today (and more as we go along of course). This one is important to all our businesses; testimonials, reviews or references.

Pinterest does not have separate accounts for businesses and personal use.  When you first set-up your Pinterest account, if you tie it to your Twitter brand page, it’s then connected to a business Twitter page. I tied mine to Facebook before I realized this. As of now, you can’t connect it to a Facebook business page but, rather, it connects to your personal Facebook profile. As I share the link where I want it, I don’t find this to be a big different but wanted to share.

With a Pinterest account, you create  ‘boards’ with strategic names. On those boards we can ‘pin’ visuals. Add captions to those visuals. What we want to achieve is to have people share those pins with a ‘repin’ and click-through to our strategic links. Very important is to add captions with important keywords in them because, yup, Google searches through our text. Pictures and Videos cannot be read by Google but the text associated with the images and videos through descriptions and ‘alt’ text can be read and delivered up to the searcher.

So, without further ado:

1. Add Images or Videos – Add Testimonials as the Caption

I used the Facebook profile images of students who provided testimonials. People post profile pictures that they like so they don’t need to worry about sending along an image. If you have video testimonials, you can upload them just like an image! Once those are in place, place the actual testimonial in the description part. Be absolutely sure to also add a link to your strategic destination which can be a website landing page or a Facebook custom app. In my case, the links lead to our latest internet strategy courses.


Comments should be added underneath the image/description. Create a comment with the link of the student/client’s place of business or Facebook page. This serves as a very nice thank you to them for the testimonial.

3.  Creative Sizing

Did you know that your image can be tall and skinny? It can’t extend beyond the column width but sometimes longer works and breaks up the symmetry. Great for a series of 3 pictures combined into one tall one.

4. Include your own Video Testimonial

In this example you see I have 3 videos. They explain the courses that the students are/have taken. Use video to thank clients for their testimonials and brand yourself a bit more. Don’t forget descriptions and links underneath!

5.  Include other Relevant Graphics

This graphic actually is not mine but it seemed to fit on the board so I used it. Give it an appropriate description and link.

Does this Work?

Well, students can share their own pictures. I hope it encourages other students to give me testimonials …hint hint. People who find the board through searches on Social Media Courses, Social Media Strategy, Pinterest Strategies…will likely click through. I put this together a couple of weeks ago and 205 people are following the board!  You can see the actual board here. Be sure to give it a LIKE ;)

Think of Pinterest as an extension of your Facebook Page or Blog. I’ve got several other Pinterest strategies in the works to share with you over the next weeks. Have you used Pinterest for business yet?


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